Redemption Music- Official Album
08 Nov 2014 | Reggae, Reggae Fusion

Get Back to You – Reggae

Get Back to You – Reggae
Release date
18 September 2014
Get Back to You – Reggae
18 September 2014 | Reggae


‘Get Back to You’ is one of the┬áreggae releases from Gozzy on his debut album Redemption Music. The song paints a vivid picture of a wilderness period in Gozzy’s Christian walk and his cry to God to help him to get back that place of real communion with His Spirit. The song reaches to the heart of those who lost their way and those struggling in their Christian walk that no matter how far away they are or what they have done, the Father is willing and waiting with open arms for them to get back to Him.
Don’t want the worldly pleasures no more, cause You are all I need and more.

Key Word

Luke 15:11-24
Sin is never satisfied, the longer we stay in it the further from God we go. But even in the midst of our mess and wilderness we can still see the faithfulness of God and His grace, mercy and love reaching out to us. If you draw near to Him, He would draw near you.


Written by: Arnal ‘Gozzy’ Goslin
Performed by: Gozzy
Background Vocals: Natasha Goslin & Alaina Greenidge
Produced by: Classic Soul Productions
Recorded at: Pulse Studios

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