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08 Nov 2014 | Reggae, Reggae Fusion

Walk On By – Reggae Exclusive Preview

Walk On By – Reggae Exclusive Preview
Release date
18 September 2014
Walk On By – Reggae Exclusive Preview
18 September 2014 | Reggae

Click Play above to hear the exclusive preview of Gozzy’s reggae track “Walk On By” on the SS Riddim. If you love reggae music, especially roots reggae vibe, then you are definitely going to enjoy this song. Walk On by was produced by Julian Griffith and recorded at Pulse Studios.

The song encourages us to walk pass the bad minds, the abusers and those that only speak the negative. Instead keep your head up and believe in what God says about you and not what they say.

Listen out for more on this song and the full release.

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