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08 Nov 2014 | Reggae, Reggae Fusion

When I Cant See

When I Cant See
Release date
25 November 2013
When I Cant See
25 November 2013 | Reggae


“When I Can’t See” has become Gozzy’s personal inspirational song for his album journey. The song was written out of revelation received during a personal bible study. The song was later on adapted based on a reggae riddim track produced by Manowar Studios. The song encourages the listener to walk by faith and obedience to God even when we can’t see how things are going to work out.

If in the midst of the famine God brought such a blessing, for me He can make a way

Key Word

2 Kings 7, 2 Kings 6: 8-23
The excerpt song lyric shown has made a big impact on my journey, recognizing the revelation that even though the land was still in famine; God was able to bring the miracle of a feast prepared by the enemy and delivered by the feet of the outcast.


Performed by: Gozzy
Written by: Arnal Goslin
Produced by: Manowar Studios
Background Vocals: Natasha Goslin & Alaina Greenidge

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