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08 Nov 2014 | Reggae, Reggae Fusion

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Back to School Rally Report

Back to School Rally Report

Had a great time last night at the Back To School rally with Ammar Empowerment. Really blessed by the young worship team; big up to the Bethel Pentecostal dancers; powerful and to the point challenge by Imran Richards; great ministry by Nicovia + Larix, Pasquin and NaYaN.

Really enjoyed myself on stage with Redbwoy Tdk (Aww man cant wait to release this album). The vibe and response from the crowd was noice! So many people mentioned to me at the rally and on Facebook how powerful and enjoyable the ministry was. The message promoted was about sexual purity and being steadfast and rooted in God’s will. Women were rocking to the chant of – if we do not marry, do not touch my Ferrari; while the young men responded – if we do not marry you can’t ride in my Bugatti. A fun but serious message that our bodies are exotic valuable vessels that are to remain pure for the enjoyment of sex in marriage.

Bless up to all the supporters, volunteers and organizers. Keep up the great work Ammar.

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September 6th, 2014

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