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08 Nov 2014 | Reggae, Reggae Fusion


Incredible Praise Update

Big thank you to the organizers of Incredible Praise, The Sanctuary Empowerment Team, all the fans and supporters who came out on Saturday; we truly had a great time of praise, worship and ministry. I enjoyed ministering to the pack audience Barbados is well blessed with tremendous talent and ministry; it was a pleasure being apart of the ministry team featuring Neesha Woodz, Nayan, Samara, Krisann Hutson, Sherryann Maughn and the dancers and worship team at Sanctuary. Bless up to my crew including Redbwoy, Billboard, Alaina and wifey. Congrats once again to the winners of the Incredible Praise promotion.

A special blessing on those who gave towards the Nayan Benefit; your contributions has raised over $7,000.00 BDS to assist in him receiving the surgery that he needs.

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January 29th, 2016

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