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08 Nov 2014 | Reggae, Reggae Fusion


Music Review – DJ Kevin Pinder

Music Review – DJ Kevin Pinder

Gozzy Music is proud to share the music review of Redemption Music by DJ KP. DJ Kevin Pinder is part of the dynamic duo in CITA Radio’s 90.1FM JumpStart Breakfast Show and host of the exciting Saturday night youth radio show – Youth Impact. DJ KP is a fun-loving, easy going guy with a passion for young people; always willing to mentor, advise and encourage. Thanks DJ KP for your music review. You can follow DJ KP on Instagram at IAM_DJ_KP or contact him via email at


It’s been almost eight years in the making but REDEMPTION MUSIC the long awaited debut album from Arnal “Gozzy” Goslin is finally here.

In my opinion the timing of this album could not be more perfect. With solid production from veteran producers like Billboard Murrell, Julian Griffith, Ramon Dumett, Psalmist Jamel, David “Maestro” Graham and Drilla; all combining to create a retro yet modern vibe which is consistent throughout the album This is a great start to Gozzy’s discography.

Upon hearing Gozzy for the first time you immediately think about artist like The Marley’s: Bob Marley himself and his son’s Damian and Stephen Marley, also bands like Christafari and Benjah & Dillavou come to mind. But even after making these comparisons it’s clear that Gozzy is no copycat and has his own signature sound.

With that being said, this album doesn’t only boast of great production and nice reggae melodies, it also has great lyrical content. None more evident than on tracks such as WALK ON BY which starts off with the lyrics “Don’t let negative words dictate your life”. It also goes on further in the song to say “Their words will only have power if you believe them, so keep your trust in God never receive them”. Now marry these impactful and relatable lyrics with an equally powerful and easy to learn chorus and right there you have an instant hit. Another stand out track on the album is the exceptionally cleverly written OFFICER, which puts an imaginative spin on REV 12:10 and 2 COR 5:17 and is sure to leave you in awe at Gozzy’s creativity and pressing the repeat button wanting more of this track, trust me! One thing most music fans also look forward to when listening to an album is the collaborations; and like everything else on this album even the collabs were well thought out. You have features from the likes of HOSZIA HINDS on the reggae adaptation of the popular contemporary gospel hit OUR GOD made popular by Chris Tomlin as well as Israel Houghton, to REDBWOY on the remix of one of Gozzy’s biggest but older hits STILL ROOTED. Other features include rapper O’BRIAN IGNITE on JAH BLESS one of the fusions you will hear on the album, as well as a rap verse from songstress LARIX on the song WORSHIP IS.

And on the topic of worship, REDEMPTION MUSIC also possesses some tracks that will leave you in a worshipful and reflective mood, like the aforementioned WORSHIP IS as well as ALL OF ME and the beautifully crafted love song to God UNDESERVED; which simply thanks God for his love and grace towards us. But least I forget one of the most endearing songs on the album, the final track THANK GOD FOR YOU, an emotional love ballad from Gozzy to his wife and kids.

All in all REDEMPTION MUSIC is fourteen solid tracks and a great buy. If you appreciate good music which carries strong positive messages, you will love this album. And if you are a reggae lover and purist this album is sure to become a favorite in your collection.

REDEMPTION MUSIC from GOZZY is a solid debut album which is worth every cent, and was definitely worth the wait.

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October 30th, 2014

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