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08 Nov 2014 | Reggae, Reggae Fusion


Redemption Music Review – Corey Worrell

Redemption Music Review – Corey Worrell

Below is an extract from an album review for Gozzy’s debut reggae album Redemption Music. The music review was done by Corey Worrell a reggae music lover, musician, songwriter, artist, online blogger, owner of DeepRoot Clothing, a former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, current columnist of “Awright Den!” featured in the local Nation News newspaper. He is also the Director of C2J Foundation Inc, a project based NGO which is primarily focused on social development, rooted in strategic and structured personal development for youth. You can contact Corey via email at

Thanks Corey for your review!

… I spent some time reviewing Gozzy’s album Redemption Music and let me tell yuh, it NOICE; it BADD; it SWEET.

This is indeed a beautiful album. It has all the components to do well:
a. Strong clear vocals
b. soothing and thought provoking lyrics
c. flavor, variety and uniqueness in the production
d. rhythmic, musical and moving music

I want to publicly commend the producers Billboard Murrell , Julian Griffith, Eliseus Joseph , Jamel R Newton, Andrew Thornhill, David Graham and executive producer Arnal ‘Gozzy’ Goslin

Barbados, you will be pleasantly surprised with this album and it is worth every cent.

I need to make special mention of Track 5 Officer which is produced by Billboard Murrell.

This song SO LARGE. Bass line sweet sweet sweet and the vibes and method in which Gozzy approached the melody BADD BADD BADD. The lyrics tell a story but you have to listen intently or you will miss it all. I have listened to this song at least 6 times now.

Track 2 – Get Back To You, Track 10 – Teach me and Track 14 – Thank God For You, have very unique, interesting and “vibesy” flow. The music mad; it feels so international – music as well as melody and mix.

The album (musical production, melodies, mix, FX, backgrounds) feels like a mixture between Lucky Dube, Damian Marley, Ziggy Marley, Steel Pulse and David Kirton. It has also a mixture of reggae, dub step, pop, R&B and roots rock reggae.

This is one of the best Reggae Albums I have heard in a LONG time. I am so happy for Gozzy, seriously. I really hope he has an effective management, marketing and business team so that the world can get the opportunity to receive from this album.

This is NOT a party or hype album. This is Reflective, Intellectual, Calming yet still ‘rebellious’ music. To really appreciate the music, production, mix, lyrics and vocals, you MUST listen with a pair of good headphones.

So here are my top 3 songs and it was HARD HARD HARD to only choose 3; well i chose 4 so forgive me

1. Officer
2. Walk on By & Teach Me
3. Redemption Music

Reviewer: Corey Worrell

Review Date: October 14th, 2014

Update: Corey has indicated he has listened to Officer repeatedly, and has being playing the full album 2 to 3 times a day since the review.

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October 23rd, 2014

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