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08 Nov 2014 | Reggae, Reggae Fusion


Redemption Music: Vision & Design

Redemption Music: Vision & Design

So you have seen the site and heard the chatter about Gozzy’s debut reggae album “Redemption Music”. In this post we look into the vision behind Redemption Music and the design concept. You would also get a sneak peak of the track listing for the album. All of the artwork was done by Kirkland Seale (graphic and music artist) who collaborated with Gozzy in creating the concept based on the vision behind Redemption Music.

The Story

Redemption Music was not the initial title selected for the album; it actually went through two title changes. The first being “Undeserved”, followed by “Get Back to You” before a private poll among some of Gozzy’s fans and supporters confirmed what Gozzy felt was the God-given title: Redemption Music. Gozzy confesses

“This is not the album I planned but is the album God lead me to deliver based on His divine will and purpose for this time. Throughout the whole process I was being lead by the Spirit to select or put on hold many songs. It is only after it was finished and I reflected on the album during a conversation with my photographer Junior Morgan that I realized the marriage between the spiritual direction and the vision of the album. God had a design and plan and was just using me to put the pieces together.”

The Vision/Concept


Redemption Music is a movement to reveal the truth that True and Complete Redemption is only found in Jesus Christ. The Track Listing is not random but by design to tell a story to the listener about living free and victoriously as the Creator created us to be. The story begins by first speaking about redemption from sinful slavery, to redemption from mental slavery, to a place of living freely in relationship, worship and thanksgiving to the Father.

This Redemption Story cannot be kept silent and must be taken to those who need to be set free. Hence the design concept of the album depicts Gozzy as a voice crying in the wilderness to the heart of those who are living in shame, affliction and bondage that there is a better way – Freedom. The colors used set the tone of the album being predominantly reggae but also represents the warfare faced in taking this Redemption Music to the people.

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October 24th, 2014

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