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Word4Life: Are you Ready?

Word4Life: Are you Ready?

This devotional is based on a message God birthed in my spirit sparked by a conversation I had with Bishop Dr. Marlon Husbands. I had the honor of delivering this message at my home church Bethel in our Old Years Night sermon.

Are You Ready? Part One

Scripture Reference: Matthew 25: 1-13; 22: 1-14

are-you-ready-toonI am sure many us, who like to be punctual, get frustrated with friends and family when we set a pickup time and call before hand say “I am on my way please be ready!”. Usually the reply is “Yeah I will be ready in 5 minutes” and dependent of the person’s track record you know that means they still have to bathe, brush teeth, press clothes, dress, fix hair and makeup (if its a female), do multiple mirror checks and after you have been waiting for about a half an hour to an hour they finally run out of the house but then in a moment realised they forgot something! I know many of us experienced this especially if you were dealing with ‘Bajan time’ which is synonymous with being late or “I still have time” even after the deadline has passed.

If we really looked at it we aren’t truthfully ready until the preparation is complete and we are waiting. In the two passages of scripture found in Matthew, Jesus gave two parables in teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven giving insight into His second coming. Both passages referenced a wedding or marriage feast but ironically unlike our traditional Caribbean weddings where the groom is waiting for the bride (who is usually late), in Matthew 25 the arrival of the groom starts the wedding ceremony; as if he is the center of attention! Truthfully, He is! (no offense ladies). I believe When Jesus referred to the 5 virgins as foolish, is was not only because they failed to bring extra oil but mainly because they overlooked and undervalued the royal grandeur, glory and authority of the Lord of the ceremony and the excellence and honor that is due to Him. How foolish would we be to be invited to a royal wedding and think that it shouldn’t start unless we were ready? Or to be inappropriately dressed or carry ourselves in a manner that disrespects and dishonors the royal host, shouldn’t we not be cast out?

The invitation has gone out to all, the cry has been made that the bridegroom is on His way, Jesus is coming! Still some people like those in Matthew 22 have rejected this royal invitation and persecuted His messengers; others like the foolish virgins are not prepared; and yet others who have accepted the invitation but present themselves inappropriately. This heavenly ceremony is being hosted by THE MOST HIGH GOD, THE SOVEREIGN LORD, THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS; in celebration and in honor of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ; and even though He is the God of Love (John 3:16), He is a God that would enact justice on those who rejected His mercy and punish those who insult His lordship by presenting themselves in any old fashion.

Have you accepted His invitation? Is your preparation complete according to His standard? Are you waiting in expectancy? Are you ready for His coming? Matthew 25:13 – Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

Stay connected to as we go into Part 2 of this devotional to look at the significance of the Lamp and the Oil in the parable of the 10 virgins.

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January 6th, 2015

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